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¿por qué


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¿por qué nuestro servicio es tan sencillo?

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¿Cómo funciona cuando llamomyfriendinspain?

phone call service:

We can make a call in Spanish for you and report back with the results.

  • Need to call the garage to see if the car is ready?

  • Call the vets or Dog Groomer to see if you can collect the dogs yet?

  • Call the Doctors or Hospital to check on an appointment time?

  • Boiler or Air Conditioning broken and you need to call a technician and then speak with them once they arrive?

  • Call the takeaway and get the order right for once?!

None of this is a problem with CALL BUNDLES



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807 499 846

(coste de llamada solamente 1,21€ desde fijo y 1,57€ desde móvil por minuto)

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